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The company employs approx. 5,000 workers, the majority of which are engineers and technicians. In 2005, the company reported on accumulated sales of approx. 4B NIS (approx. $800M) and its profits that year reached approx. 94M NIS. More than 50% of its income and orders come from abroad and per the company reports, approx. 9% of the income is invested in R&D.

Rafael is divided into four divisions which are responsible, together and each for itself, for developing each of its products.


The missile division - plans, develops and manufactures a variety of guided missiles including AA (Air-Air), Air-Ground missiles and antitank missiles as well as different electro-optical systems.


The system and teleprocessing division - plans, develops, manufactures and incorporates comprehensive air, marine and ground systems which include communications, electronic warfare and anti electro-optical means, command and control systems, battle field control and management systems, data linkage, shore and boarder protection systems, rear protection solutions, minefield penetration systems, surveillance systems, and guiding and simulation systems.


The arming system division - plans, develops and manufactures passive and comprehensive protection and armor systems, acoustic electronic warfare systems for focused detection and location and anti-torpedo protection systems.


The motor and warhead division - develops missile motors, space conveyance systems, warheads and pyrotechnics, remote break-in devices and one-time marine deception means. The key products developed by this division include conveyance systems used by the Ofek and Eros satellites and the anti-ballistic missile, the Hetz (Arrow), and a variety of equipment for breaking through doors and walls.


The company offices are located across the country and especially in the Galilee:

  • David Institute - located north of Haifa hosting the majority of the company division
  • Leshem Institute - located near Carmiel hosting the missile division
  • Shdema Site - located in the Negev serving as an experiment site
  • Branches in Tel Aviv and in the Dan Region
  • RDC - Rafael Development Corporation located in Yokneam Elite is a subsidiary company for investments in startup companies.
  • Marketing agencies abroad - Washington, New York (USA), London (England), Madrid (Spain), Hague (Holland), New Delhi (India), Seoul (South Korea), Reo de-Janeiro (Brazil) and Canberra (Australia).

Our company, Kor Az Ltd., is Rafael's house consultant and we plan the AC, cooling and ventilation for Rafael's variety of systems and display halls.

Among other things, Kor Az Ltd. planed the climate control systems for the clean rooms, AC for the offices and labs, special evaporation systems, and coolant, air and special application temperature monitoring systems.

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What is the required cooling output for an ice cream storage room 8x5x6H meters?

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5.6 tons cooling

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