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Orshar Bonded Warehouses (1985) Ltd. a private company owned by the Ben Zvi family, was founded in 1985. It provides logistic solutions for a variety of operations: logistics and distribution, bonded warehousing, warehousing of goods after tax payment, and complementary operations.


The company currently owns 93,000 sq. meters of warehouses of which 58,000 sq. meters are roofed. Orshar's main purpose is to provide its customers with a comprehensive logistic solution.


The Orshar slogan is: "Our Logistics, Your Peace of Mind".


The company's operations comply with International Quality Standards (ISO-9001-2000).

Orshar built a refrigerated logistics warehouse in Bucharest, Romania.


Our firm Kor Az Ltd. planned the cooling and insulations systems for the refrigerated logistics center.


The design includes versatile cool rooms which can be used to store  different kinds of goods at temperature levels ranging from +8°c to -28°c.


The design meets the European standards for cooling systems design and received the approval of all the European authorities. 

The cooling facility is one of the

most up-to-date in the world. It is based on green cooling technology and is monitored by an advanced, sophisticated control system.

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What is the required cooling output for an ice cream storage room 8x5x6H meters?

We answer:

5.6 tons cooling

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