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 Ice Cream Manufacturing Plants


  • The ice cream manufacturing plants use ammonia heavily. In each plant there are over 30 tons of ammonia.
  • The above plants' cooling systems, which utilize ammonia, have been designed with special emphasis on their safety and security aspect.
  • The cooling systems are separated into ammonia segments and protected according to the requirements of the Home Front Command and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
  • The Strauss ice cream plant in Acre, which was designed by Kor Az, is owned by Unilever International.
  • The Tene Noga ice cream plant in Kiryat Malachi, where the expansion was planned by Kor Az, is owned by Nestle International.
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What is the required cooling output for an ice cream storage room 8x5x6H meters?

We answer:

5.6 tons cooling

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