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General Refrigerated Warehouses


  • Kor Az designed designated refrigerated warehouses for storing specific products and/or commercial warehouses for storing a large variety of goods.
  • Designated warehouses are for storing such products as: potatoes, carrots, onions, grapes, pears, apples etc. These warehouses are characterized by systems that are appropriate for storing the above goods and for maintaining their freshness for prolonged periods of time. This includes storing them in high or low humidity and with agents that prevent oxidation.
  • Commercial warehouses are suitable for storing a large variety of goods and employ the temperatures and humidity levels defined by the client.
  • Some of our commercial warehouses include:

     o The Fishman refrigerated warehouse in Caesarea: a state of the art warehouse with some of the

         best mechanization and control systems available internationally.


     o The Bar Mor warehouse: this warehouse was constructed for storing and freezing vegetable

         products, and utilizes Freon systems which are some of the most advanced in the world.

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What is the required cooling output for an ice cream storage room 8x5x6H meters?

We answer:

5.6 tons cooling

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