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Our planning team consists of senior engineers, practical engineers, draftsmen and secretaries.


  • Kor Az Ltd. Was established in 1993.
  • Our teams are highly professional, have extensive experience, reliable, proficient and usually are also available.
  • Our engineers' aptitude, great experience and devotion lead the planning process to greater heights but nevertheless, maintain execution of projects within reasonable pricing.
  • The company is managed by chief engineers Hanan Bareli and Zvi Shpatz.
  • Hanan Bareli and Zvi Shpatz are well-known engineers with many projects planned and executed under their professional supervision.
  • Kor Az Ltd. Plans and supervises many projects, among them:


HVAC for industrial plants

Hydro-coolers - carets, cherries

HVAC for public buildings

Military facilities - cooling, freezing, AC and ventilation

HVAC for hotels

Logistic center cooling

HVAC for health centers and hospitals

Cooling - commercial cooling houses

HVAC for food factories

Deep freeze systems

HVAC for slaughter houses

Ice accumulation, energy saving

HVAC for sports centers

DEG accumulation, energy saving

HVACfor clean rooms

Cooling and freezing with R-717 ammonia

Heat pump heating systems

Cooling and freezing with environmental friendly cooling R-404A, R-507, R-134A

Dough product freezing

Freon Cooling

Vegetable freezing

Absorption cooling systems

Poultry chilling

Ventilation - special application industries

Ice cream cooling

Cooling various fruits under controlled air

Meat freezing




Engineer Hanan Bareli 




1972     Ort Technicum, Givatayim
Graduate of the Cooling and AC Practical Engineering School

1978     Technion, Haifa
Graduate of the Mechanical Engineering School

The Open University, Ramat Aviv
Certification studies in small business management



Practical Experience



1978-1982     A.S.K-KOR Cooling & AC Engineering Ltd.
                        Project engineer

1982-1983     Integra Engineering and Consulting Ltd.
                        Cooling and AC consultant engineer

1983-1988    A.S.K-KOR Cooling & AC Engineering Ltd.
                        Project engineer

1988-1996     Aclimatic Ltd.
                        Chief engineer

1996-1999     Independent consulting engineer

1999-now      Kor Az Ltd. Engineering and Consulting Ltd.
Director and co-partner























Engineer Zvi Shpatz




1974            Basmat Haifa
Graduate of the professional school

1982               Technion, Haifa
Graduate of the Mechanical Engineering School



Practical Experience

1982-1984     Herut Ltd.
Project engineer

1984-1992     Integra Engineering and Consulting Ltd.
Cooling and AC consultant engineer

1993-now      Kor Az Ltd. Engineering and Consulting Ltd.
Founder and Director 





  • Member of the Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates of Technological Sciences in Israel
  • Member of IMCAM 2000, the Israeli Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers for his great experience in planning cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems; for his ability to lead the planning and execution of complex projects and for his extensive experience in solving problems and development of creative solutions.



























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What is the required cooling output for an ice cream storage room 8x5x6H meters?

We answer:

5.6 tons cooling

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