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 Slaughterhouses and Meat Factories


  • The cooling systems we have designed for this industry were specifically planned as per the required standards such as FDA and GMP.
  • Slaughterhouses and meat factories have been equipped with diverse cooling and freezing systems, some of which are:

       o Ammonia systems for deep freezing

       o Freon systems for freezing and/or cooling

       o Systems for fast cooling of poultry

       o Low temperature production rooms

       o Unique freezing rooms for freezing on touch

  • Among the factories designed by our company for the meat industry are:

      o Soglowek 2000: the flagship factory of the largest sausage manufacturer in Israel,

          which includes cooling, freezing and refrigeration lineups, and a 24 meter tall finished goods room.

      o Miluof: a slaughterhouse with a slaughtering capacity of tens of thousands of chickens daily.

          Includes cold water, cooling, freezing and air conditioning.

      o Glat Of: a slaughterhouse for the Orthodox Jewish sector based on glat kosher slaughtering.

      o Rostov: a pork slaughterhouse and sausage factory in Russia.

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What is the required cooling output for an ice cream storage room 8x5x6H meters?

We answer:

5.6 tons cooling

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